Elevate your LearnDash offering

Provide a reliable & user-friendly experience to your course users. We will help you get it done right the first time so you can focus on scaling your business.

Craft your unique user journey

Let us help you bring your vision to life with our tried and tested development approach.

Bespoke features

LearnDash is powerful out the box, but what if you have an outside the box idea? Our team has a deep understanding of LearnDash and WordPress Plugin development. If there is a feature needed which isn't currently available on the market we can create it for you.

Automate your workflow

With a lot of moving parts it can quickly become overwhelming to manage all your various workflows which can lead to frustrated users. Our solutions are geared towards driving efficiency, reduced downtime and most importantly improving learner engagement.

Scalable and performant

Looking to grow your user base but limited by a slow, borderline unresponsive solution? We can help you get things back on track and setup for increased traffic. No hacky workarounds, just solid technical principles.

Do more with LearnDash

B2B offering for your clients

Simplify how your B2B client relationships are managed with seat allotments and a dedicated user portal.


Offer the path of least resistance for prospective students. Package your courses, price it and lets get it up for sale on your site!

Seamless integration with other apps in your ecosystem

There is no need to throw out existing apps being utilized within your business. We provide solutions which allows you to integrate LearnDash with various systems such as CRMs.

Streamline user journey

Tracking user engagement is a key metric in determining how optimal your user journeys are. Define a path which is easy for users to follow and resume later.

Unlock powerful analytics

Make more informed decisions by reviewing detail user reports whether it is for B2C or B2B users. We also provide custom reporting options to help you and your users extract the information they need.

Whats our process?

We have all seen projects take twice as long as initially estimated. Why? Sadly, a lot of times disingenuous assessments for the purpose of landing a contract. At Virnamic we prioritize project fit, what that means is, we are very upfront in our assessment of your project. If your project will take 6 months to complete then our assessment will reflect that.

Our project management and development process is rooted in an Agile methodology. Our team follows a cycle of planning, executing and evaluating. This allows us to keep you involved and up to date every step of the way.

Try out our LearnDash experience

Curious to see what we can do for using LearnDash? Feel free to reach out and schedule a demo.

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